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What Our Clients Say About Us



Top notch service, with a staff that supports HOA needs.


Excellent company - responsive, friendly, well-informed, accurate.  Their broad experience helps our Board best serve our HOA.

King Management rocks!  Our HOA board was lost and floundering until we found King Management. Amy is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, caring and capable! Our HOA now runs smoothly under the directive of King Management.  Thank you King Management, from The CCHOA for saving our... HOA!


King Management is the number one Property Management ever. Everyone is so professional and helpful in every way!


You have a talent for writing.  Clear, concise and to the point.  Well done. 


King Management is an awesome Property Management. Amy and her staff are always professional, on top of things, and understanding in all aspects of the business!


I have worked with Amy and her crew for over 10 years. They are amazing. Very responsive, completely professional and not afraid to get their feet a bit dirty to help out the community. One time the owner came out first thing in the morning to try to personally fix a water leak we were having in our community. I would recommend King Management to anyone looking for an HOA property management company.


Thanks for your attention to detail. We feel like we’re in good hands.


Amy and her staff at King Management are professional and a huge asset to our community. For years our HOA was self managed and it was increasingly difficult to keep up with current laws, as well as the day to day activities- such as accounting, setting budgets, managing contractor bids, and  member dues collection. If you are looking to hire a professional organization to manage your association, then King  Management is your answer.


I have been very impressed with Amy and her team.  Professional, (would be an understatement), knowledgeable, conscientious, responsive.  I had heard a lot of really bad stories about other HOAs trying to self-manage and other community management companies that are not worth your time. Do your HOA a favor, call King Management!


Amy has been helpful and responsive to my numerous requests.  Though the answers she gave were not always the ones I "wanted to hear" she still communicated in a professional manner. Coming at management from the accounting field rounds her approach in a very practical way.


I'm a HOA board member in a small (8) complex.  Amy does an Excellent job for us, and is a pleasure to do business with.  She knows property laws and knows who to call to resolve most any issue.  Highly recommended.

Amy, You've got a great team and your staff steps right in when someone is absent.  Very much appreciated. Well done.


Thank you for scheduling the dryer vent cleaning. I’m so glad I didn’t have to set this up myself. Gratitude!


As the new year begins, I must tell you that this 87+ year old lady is so very grateful to be able to live here with caring neighbors and management. 



Hi Amy,

I want to express my gratitude for awesome service. Twice I have needed assistance at the very end of the work day, and both times KM was very helpful in promptly resolving my issues regarding system access and physical access to another owners home to assist the painters. KM is very responsive and professional, and we are lucky to have her support for our HOA.
Thank you!

Hi Amy,


I just wanted to commend you on doing a great job yesterday in walking the new homeowners through the New Budget Spreadsheet.  You made them feel included and grounded it in a simple and reassuring way.


Thanks Amy, we appreciate everything you do to keep us running.

Thank you for staying on top of this issue and your attention to the details is spot on. Stellar work!

Thanks so much Amy. You have a great team. We are all set on all things parking for our home. Now, we just need a Buyer! 

Wow, thanks. This is above and beyond what I was expecting from you. Really appreciate it.

Hi Amy,
Once again, I want to compliment you.  You are really skilled at dealing with people.  What would we do without you??  Thank you!!!
I feel good about the meeting and happy more people attended to see the process.  Turned out great!
Thank you again



Amy, you are a gem...Jeanne


Good morning Amy, 

Thank you for your response. As a new member of the board, I appreciate knowing how "things" are handled. This is such an improvement over how board communications were conducted in the past by previous management companies. Your work is very much appreciated by the board!

Thank you again, 


Amy, you are a gem beyond belief!  I cannot thank you enough for all you help last night.  Your “handy man” was first class as well. 

Fondly, Jeanne at 566

Amy/ Ahhh... I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you over the years as well. I especially appreciated your professionalism and clear thinking. Also, you have the best team! Both Emily and Jeannette have been a pleasure to interact with. They know how to get things done - Smile.

Thank you for your continued great support of the CC HOA.

Take Care, Sandra

Hi Amy - 

I just want to say that you are a real professional all the way around.  I noticed it the first time I saw you in action.  You keep your chin up, despite the complaints and negativity, and you behave and respond in the most professional manner.  You are a great role model for other business professionals, especially women.


Thank you both so much. Amy, you were brilliant. That was so well run and productive. 

Amy and Makenzie,
Thanks for the way you handled our meeting today which enabled us to get a lot accomplished and questions addressed in a pleasant manner.
Much appreciation, Dennis

I just want to say that the guys that came out today are fantastic! They did a great job and were very tidy. I feel that King management has been a huge blessing to PT! GG is another outstanding vendor. The light project looks so great! I soooooo appreciate all you ladies have done to help us get on track.

Hi Amy,

I just wanted to send a big thank you to you and your team for all the support and assistance with selling our condo!

You have assembled a great team and who are very professional :)

Good luck with everything and see you around when we visit the Santa Cruz area!

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